Doenja Oogjes is a design researcher interested in the indirect, accidental, surprising and overlooked ways technologies mediate the everyday. Her doctoral work explores ways to increase nonhuman participation in design and most recently she has investigated more-than-human storytelling with a focus on textile fabrication. Her research uses research-through design, speculative design and first-person methods. Doenja’s work has been published at venues such as ACM DIS and ACM CHI where it has received multiple awards. She holds a BSc and MSc in Industrial Design from the University of Technology, Eindhoven in the Netherlands and is finishing her PhD at the Everyday Design Studio at Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, Canada. Prior to joining the Everyday Design Studio, she worked as a research assistant at the Interactive Institute in Sweden.

research interests: more-than-human design practices, domestic technologies, food & cooking, trash, accidental or indirect interactions.

I work with: video, sound, everyday materials (wood, ceramics, fabrics), probes, illustration, photography & collage.